3D Computer Art

Robot Dinosaur designs, 3D models, and scene by J.Beistline.
Scene design utilizes 3d stock assets. 
©2017 Sagebrush Church.

3d model and IK control rigging by J.Beistline based upon character design by M. Dickinson. 
©2016 Sagebrush Church.

BotBot and Dirty Character Model from Denny & Company for 3D toy printing and marketing.
© 2017-2018 J.Beistline

Low Poly aircraft models. Modeled and textured for practice and for use as scene elements in developing courseware visuals. 
©2004-2008 LSI

Robot bug character models and scene by J.Beistline. 
©2012-2017 Sagebrush Church

Scene and snail character models by J.Beistline. Character models based upon snail character designs developed in collaboration with Dominic Sedillo.
Scene environment uses additional 3d stock assets. 

©2012-2017 Sagebrush Church
Scene and Butterfly character models by J.Beistline. 
©2012-2017 Sagebrush Church

Bee and Caterpillar scenes and character models by J.Beistline. Scene environment uses 3d stock assets. 
Caterpillar models based upon character designs developed in collaboration with Dominic Sedillo. 
©2012-2017 Sagebrush Church