Beistline Illustrations

Narrative, Character, and Story Based Art

Illustrator Jonathan Beistline • Northern Colorado


Jonathan is a northern Colorado based artist and illustrator. Always drawing as a child, he made the career decision in fourth grade to pursue art. Jonathan studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and holds a BFA in Computer Art. In addition, he is steadily working toward completion of an MFA in Illustration from SCAD. Jonathan has work experience with 3D graphics, modeling and animation for the USAF CV-22 Osprey training program and illustration and themed environment design for a mega-church.

Jonathan's artwork rests in narrative storytelling dealing with characters, scenes, and moments in time. His work oscillates between traditional and digital media and frequently blends aspects of both. His traditional mixed media uses various combinations of ink, watercolor, gouache, oil wash, and colored pencil while his digital processes may emulate the mixed media techniques or consist of 3d computer graphics.

Years of digital computer work and office confinement have pushed Jonathan back outdoors with his sketchbook. His sketchbook captures the activities and experiences with his family and fuels his addition to media and technique exploration. You will also spot his children in his work as his models or adventuring as the main characters in Jonathan's creator owned stories Denny and Company.