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Themed Environments

Presented here is a selection of themed children's classroom environments that I have designed, illustrated, and supervised through fabrication and installation. My illustrations were printed onto Lexjet Dreamscape Wallpaper and then laminated with Vandals Graffiti Film for added protection and durability. The laminated printed panels were hung by a professional wallpaper installer. My work inside the rooms also included coordination of colors and patterns for vinyl wall guard and carpet colors. I also designed and either fabricated or assisted in fabrication of 3D accents to further dress the space. Those custom elements included signs, character standoffs, storage/shipping crates for hidden room supplies, and lashed bamboo to disguise tech carts. Below are installation photos as well as illustration designs to show how I had to account for placement of doors, windows and obstructions during installation of the artwork.

These Themed Environments were completed for Sagebrush Church in Albuquerque, NM.
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